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Jim Barnet’s Channel Perspective

Fivel is a micro-learning application platform focused on driving user adoption of technology solutions. Need some training on Webex or Office 365? Fivel’s cloud-based video content, delivery and reporting platform is designed to do just that. Fivel also addresses learning content curation, as the content is continually updated as new versions of Webex and Office…

The recipe for success in channel marketing

It’s not enough for vendors to provide the ingredients for success to their channel partners. You have to help them bake the cake.

That sums up the advice by two channel marketing experts at a recent ITWC webinar.

“If you think you can give a channel partner a brochure, a powerpoint deck, and some sales training and expect them to be successful, think again,” said Jim Barnet, Director of Sales and Marketing at Fivel. “You’re not only going to have to provide the ingredients and bake the cake for them, you’re going to have to cut it up and feed it to them for the first few deals.”