The Canadian Channel Chiefs Council undertakes research on behalf of members, seeking out trends that may impact Channel business. Research may also be undertaken to support the members or actions of members as they relate to advocacy. Within this section, you will find research commissioned by the Council together with channel-related studies sourced from other entities.



The CHANNELCORP partner pivot project

In the next 36 months 75-80% of the IT resellers worldwide will need to make a decision to either pivot their business to include some sort of a recurring revenue model or decide to do nothing. Twenty to 25% per cent of IT resellers,  have already made either a partial or complete pivot to a recurring revenue model with some or all of their businesses. As part of CHANNELCORP’s commitment to providing solutions and assistance with the pivot, it will be sharing 24 issue papers over the next 18 months.

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Issue One – Do IT partners need to make a cloud investment…now?
Issue Two – Why a cloud investment now?
Issue Three – Considering a cloud investment?
Issue Four – Lost sale analysis provides truth
Issue Five – Selecting a cloud business strategy – Part 1
Issue Six – Selecting a cloud business strategy – Part 2